CedSearchLinks plugin for Joomla! is executed in all components that supports content plugins, including Joomla! articles and K2 Items. It searches for #anything and replaces it with a link over the hashtag that goes directly to either the search component or to the smart search (finder) or to the tag component. When clicking on tag #anything, results will display all articles that contain "anything" and not only the ones with the hashtag in it.


Joomla! 3.0 or higher.

premium version only

free version premium version
Parameter Possible Values Default Value Description
Search with Finder/Search/ Tags Finder What happen when CedSearchLinks replace a word and user click on it.
Default when Tag Finder: default to finder, Search: default to search, * Remove: remove # and keep Word Only Active in Premium version and when "Search with" = Tag how to react when #word do not match any of your tag, recommended is to fallback to Finder or use remove
Areas Categories Articles Contacts NewsFeed * Tags Articles When using "Search with" = "Search", you can define where the search will be active. Recommended is to select at least "Articles". Multi selection is possible
Results ordering Popularity / Newest First / Oldest First / Alphabetical / Categories Defines what ordering results are listed in.
Target Modal / Open in new window / Open in parent window / Open in popup Target browser window when the link is selected.

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